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07 2013

most modern slot machines

In addition, all different weight roll. As a result, the player is much more likely to get the jackpot symbols of the first and second rolls, based on the voltage level, but not likely to get it on the third wheel. To understand how the process works with a machine of three helical differential, let's assume you have a slot machine and pulled the lever and clicked on the button to get the machine running. At this point, the computer will record the three digits of the random number generator. The first number will be used to determine the location of the first cylinder, the second number to determine the location of the second pulley and the third number to determine the location of the third wheel. In this example, the first number is fixed at 123 456 789.

To determine the location of the first coil, the computer must divide the first random number by a fixed value, usually 32, 64 128, 256 or 512. This particular example, the computer will divide by 64. After splitting the random number with the value set, the computer records since the remaining quota. Used in the above example, the computer would find that 123456789, can be divided by 64 times masks with the rest 1,929,012 21. Obviously, the rest shall not be less than zero or more than 64, which means that there are only 64 possible final result of this calculation. 64 possible values ​​as regent for a virtual roll, each roll is suitable for the final 22. The computer then consults a table to determine how far to move the pulley to a certain value of the virtual wheel. Since there are more stations more virtual than actual stations have, in practice some of the stations are connected to a virtual arresting ..........

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